I hate to say this!

Anwar rolled his eyes. “Islamically, it is indefensible that all Malays should have to be Muslims,” he told me. “Not all Arabs are Muslims, after all. But this case has become too political. It is better not to dwell on this issue. We should deal with poverty, rule of law, democracy. . . .” I must have looked unsatisfied. “Look,” he said, “I have Malay friends who no longer believe, who drink. But they don’t make an issue out of it.” (here)

Last year, Dr Mahathir was asked by a reporter whether he thought Anwar would ever be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Dr Mahathir replied that “he would make a good Prime Minister of Israel.” (here)

My respectful readers, please forgive me if what i am going to say here will hurt your feeling or shaken your stand, because none of that was my intention.

This is how I ended being me: 1985 - born as a son of an UMNO activist, 1998 - started being friend to PAS followers, 2005 - enrolled as full-time student in PKR's institution.

All of my life, my family and most of my friends labelled me "orang PAS", the rest confused-fellows said I am from "PKR", and suddenly out of nowhere come a person who said I am with UMNO! What the ........??!!!

A friend of my father secretly confronted me, he desperately wants to know, and he asked me from which side I am. My answer is this: show me what you (BN, PAS, PKR) have, later you will find out.

I am proud to be me; a man who is hardly influenced by what I feel, see or hear at first. I proud to be different, as long as it will not make me go against Al-Quran and As-sunnah. For I have my own stand and reason, and not make those my weakness and excuse.

Not to say those who sticks with a party is a weak person or have no gut to be different, but please open your eyes and use your mind because this political things easily make fanatics blind and dumb!

Yes, this is for you to read, with open eyes of course!

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EPAL said...


politik malaysia x ubah seperti politik d negara maju yang lain.... hnya bersifat "di depan mata" sahaja....

jika kita teliti betul2...mmg byk..."permanipulasikan" keadaan.... berpandukan sunnah dan al-quran......itu adalah sebaiknya.

"its all not true if everyone see with theirs eyes not theirs heart"


Syafiq said...

sebab tu pegangan aku,kalau org tu salah,die mmg salah.xkesah la die dari parti mane pn.tapi kalau die mmg buat benda yg betul,die dari pkr ke,pas ke,even umno sekali pun,aku akan tetap sokong org tu.mcm nazri ni


tu pun kalau die betul2 ikhlas la dgn ape die ckp...politician..bermuka2 kadang2...hehe

Healmie a.k.a BuRN said...

Epal: Saya setuju dengan awak. Sebab itu saat diajukan pertanyaan oleh seorang pemimpin PKR, antara kepimpinan Najib atau Anwar yang mana saya pilih, saya jawab kepimpinan ISLAM. Diam sekejap, kemudian dia cakap itu terpulang pada saya.

Jika kita tidak mampu menjadi pemimpin yang menegakkan Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah, sekurang-kurangnya jadilah penyokong dan pendukung pemimpin yang menegakkan Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah.

Baca betul-betul, pemimpin, tidak semestinya parti. Wassalam.

Healmie a.k.a BuRN said...

Syafiq: Betul, aku sekapal dengan ko.

Kita menyokong kebenaran secara terpilih, iaitu yang tidak melangkaui prinsip, Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah.

Bukan memilih kebenaran untuk disokong, iaitu mana yang rasa memihak pada parti atau diri sendiri baru nak sokong.

Pasal isu BTN ni, ada baik dan buruk, perlu adil menilainya. Betul x Syafiq? hehehe

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