This is the LOVE

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and a very good morning to all my friends.

"Guys are like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken, and the rest are handicapped."

"Nowadays, finding a good girl is like finding a white crow."

A normal human should have a feeling; to love and being loved at the same time. It is like an instinct that tells us which way to go when we get lost. It comes out of nowhere, without a notice or warning alarm, and the last thing we know; we are in LOVE.

Suddenly she'll know, "this is my PARKING SPACE!"

The guy will notice, "hey, this is my WHITE CROW!"

And, if Romeo and Juliet are still alive, they'll know that their story is nothing compared to the journey of San and Jaa! Congratulation and wish both of you happiness ever after...amin! Now, let the pictures do the talking =)

P/S: Pray for my time to come ;-p

3 Komen (rahsia):

Sang Harima said...

"Nowadays, finding a good girl is like finding a white crow."

kehkehkeh.. Banyak betulnya.. Ye dok?

Anonymous said...

Sang Harima: same jer laki ppuan...kena baiki diri jika nak yang terbaik sebagai suami/isteri.

Cik Jaa said...

Thanx for the pic mie... Cantek!! =)

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